Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Good morning everybody and welcome to the NSR surf report with Parker! We have a treat for you: the waves are pumping! So make the right decision and keep scrolling down.

Ok, so I looked at it at first light. This right wasn’t any special besides the colors and perfectly groomed micro tube. Though we have those nice offshores all day, looking at it early is (in my opinion) always best.

The tide was pushing low. Can you tell this wave is sucking off the bar?!? Backdoor, set a line, and punch through amigo!!!

Spoiler alert: you’re going to see some beautiful rights in today’s report. I hope that’s ok folks…

But first, let’s check out the left. This main peak was a framing and this surfer opted for the left corner.

Errrr disappeared behind the left curtain I should say.

Priceless: the post tube smile/facial expression.

I saw my friends Mike and Sean again for the first light session. These two are in for the their first time from San Diego and they rolled the dice on coming. Other groups’ (like last week or maybe even next week) October fate might be a little different…

Have you heard? Simon is back in town! He spent a couple years at NSR filling our guest service role. Welcome back down amigo and nice to officially meet you!

I think he knows the drill here: surf and drink Tonas.

We vote Simon as the best guest service rep for his impressive cutback and even more impressive mustache (right Camila?).

How about the ladies enjoying the morning beach? Darlene and Joan were on their morning walk. The other day, these two CHARGED a service project. Backpacks filled to the top and shoes soaked to the sole and they made the long hike to deliver supplies to affected locals. My only two questions are when we will do it again and where Greg and John were?!?!

Do you see the dry sandbar in front? One of the nice things Nate did (to our beach at least) was some good ole fashion sand grooming. On this directioned swell, the sand is great. Not to mention, the combo swells play an important role to make the waves even better.

So we can appreciate this tee-pee. Those long lines to pumping through throaty barrels are awesome but these waves are easier to glide into and set up.

Isn’t that right, Phil?!

Fast forward one hour after low tide peaked. The waves turned on and got even better!!! After I shot the early morning session, I surfed. After an hour and half session, I thought I should pick up the camera once more. Enjoy the last few shots of the report!!

Not bad for October, right Mateo?!?!

Same peak, more water, still firing. I promise guys, October isn’t normally a great surf month. But thankfully we’ve had offshores so it’s been pretty fun.

Maycol got a few himself!! Jeison, Jackson, and Marlon were all surfing too but Maycol was the one who wanted to shine for a minute in front of the camera.

Como se dice “backdoor” en Espanol? I’m not sure but this is how you say it in Nicaraguan Spanish.

I hope this one wasn’t a board breaker or face full of sand… Ouch.

One of our Spanish amigos in V16 found his morning breakfast. Actually, I think all of them got a couple good waves.

Ok damas and caballeros, I want to leave you with this shot. Yeah, the left will pinch but I love the colors and lighting. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s shots from Playa Colorado as much as we enjoyed surfing. Stay tuned folks and we’ll see you tomorrow!!