Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi guys, we keep felling the rain in Nicaragua, the surf is not that well so we decided to go climb for this picture. It's chest high on sets and i don't even have to say how the wind is. Check out the chocolate bay we have now.

Nobody was able to surf in the chocolate brown water this morning, only Garardito

Check out the river current, more tham 1,200 meters long. We have to think about something fun to do on the river.

Later on, Larry

Here is a shot of the new NSR's truck, is going to be ready soon. So, if you are planning to come down to San Juan del Sur try to find it and get a shot on it as one of the best souvenirs of your trip.

NSR is trying to keep it real and fun in Nicaragua. So, you must be ready for the Halloween party. There is just one person in the world who can reconize this guy