Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 17, 2005

Every now and then we come across something that is not surf related that needs to be shown. Today on the way to Maderas, we came across these three kids who had set up a ramp to jump their bike into a ditch full of water. Here is one of them, getting some speed.

Notice the milk crate they used to make the ramp. I just talked them into putting it this way to make the jump higher.

Who's showing off for the camera? Nice job guys!

Roberto is also starting to get a reputation at Maderas - people know who he is now. This girl figured it out and made a run for it before her backside made NSR. Roberto took this one of her hiding out in her room.

Ahhhh, love at Maderas! See, it doesn't matter how bad the waves are when you are in love.

New swell forecast for Thurs, Fri, Sat...stay tuned to see if the winds are ever going to change.