Nicaragua Surf Report | Photo from October 13, 2020 at 9:11 PM

So here’s a little local surf stoke inspiration for all you surf fans…!

A couple of my good friends from Amarillo & Gigante started a little surfing championship for the kids in gigante and they’re trying to get some local help and donations for prizes for the kids that want to participate; but don’t necessarily have the gear for each contest. The contest is set to have 10 dates, with the first already done and completed. So, here’s some info if you can help out in anyway! Its really roots type of contest and WAX would be the most appreciated thing to give way as a prize…… SO Any help is welcome and very much needed & appreciated!!!

Here are some contacts if you wish to donate and make some of the local kids super happy and stoked out!!! +506 8637 1888 [email protected]

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