Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the NSR report! This is Parker logging in today to show you some morning action. Check it out amigos!!

A few forerunners arrived this morning. It's refreshing to see more increase; however, we are hoping for more to come soon! Send us more waves Neptune...

In the early morning, some of the waves were opening up. If you've been practicing yoga, you were happy and scored!

Barrel face engaged- eyes and mouth wide open!!! This guy was super stoked and claimed it.

Normally, the waves aren't good during October. Because we've had a fun run, it's getting crowded. I talked to knew this guy afterwards and he was bummed to lose this wave. Find an empty peak and you got the next one bro!!

The waves were a framing off the sandbars; however, the rights were the better call. The lefts were short and rippable but some of the rights had better a shape.

Did you not think Lesther was going to make an appearance two days in a row?! Yesterday was busting airs, today was slicing the lip off.

With a chance of smashing the lip too!! This is why he is one of the most well rounded surfers here.

A couple small drainers hit the sandbar well. Keep scrolling down to see this guy's tubito!

Not the best size but not problem for this surfista.

Yeah hombre! Way to fight through and hold on.

Others weren't as lucky and the lip came down on them. Draw that fast high line and hold on until you shoot out!!

I shot photos during the pre breakfast session. If you were out there, contact me at [email protected] I have your whole sequence, like this guy.

Ok senoras y senores, keep an eye on it today and tomorrow. If you're checking us out from the States, stay tuned!! Hasta en la manana primos! Hotstick Hannahs is out.

Hold up... we have a few more shots to show! We wanted to check the surf in the afternoon to see what develops. Keep scrolling down!

I was hoping to find big gapping barrels steam rolling through the sandbar. Some waves did just that but I was even more stoked to see Jackson Obando ripping. Check out his sequence!

Style, power, and speed... With the help of his surf coach Mateo and his best friend Kevin Cortez pushing him, Jackson is one of Nicaragua's best surfers.

He dominates all aspects of surfing- under and above the lip. Jackson, because you're launching sick airs, put more of your sponsor's stickers on the bottom of your board too!!!

Still going and still nailing it...

Do you think he pulls it off and sticks it???

Heck yeah he does!! That's why he surfs for Nicaragua. Nice wave amigo!!

Farther down the beach, Jackson's surf coach, Mateo was searching for some right tubes. Unfortunately, a surfer ditched his board directly in front of Mateo's line...

As a result, he missed the tube but still showed off a nice top turn. There will be plenty more coming in during the next couple of days.

Otherwise, a lot of surfers were struggling to lock into the gems. You know where to find us for the rest of the afternoon. Pasa una buena noche todos!