Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 10, 2016

Hola amigos!! This is Parker welcoming you to a fresh week of NSR reports. We had a fun Monday morning surf so check it out!

We received a minor fun bump yesterday so there were leftovers before and after high tide today. We were just stoked that the winds are offshore during October!!

Lesther Espinoza prefers a big stand up man cave; however, he's ok with a couple smaller days. Besides, he has a sick top turn to show you guys.

Bam!! He showed off his calm style while drenching the line up.

His brother, Oscar, picked off the one tube today. How's that view Carlos?!?

Carlos Perez was on it too. After Oscar's tube, Carlos responded with a cutback faster than the speed of light.

Vroom vroom!! He shifted into 6th gear around the section...

Maybe it was due to the wave or their actual size, but the locals caught the best waves and showed off the best tricks. A few visitors locked into some beauties too but being compact and fast was crucial today.

We want to wish a happy birthday to one of our maintenance workers Marvin! He brings a smile and positive attitude everyday so we are happy to have him on the team. Enjoy the evening with your family bro!!

Incoming clean up set!!!!! The lineup struggled to get into position when these waves rolled though.

Towards the end of the week, we should be getting a fresh swell (fingers crossed!). In the meantime, we are taking a couple down days to relax.

For Lesther, a down day is still above the lip (or behind it in the barrel).

Evidently, it runs in the Espinoza family. Grab- check. Show off the stickers on the bottom- check. Trademark Oscar hair flip- check.

Carlos saw the approaching set but it didn't break as predicted. Regardless of the conditions, he makes do and turns heads.

Lesther capped off the morning session with a strong layback. We still have plenty of light, soft winds, and a switching tide so a layback may be in our short term future as well...

Ok damas and caballeros, get after it this afternoon! Brom's right was producing a few gems so hopefully there are a few more rollers. Thank you for checking out today's report and hasta en la manana!