Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 10, 2014

Good afternoon. This is the four day in  a row that we only have a person in the water and its not because the waves does not work. A peak is breaking good and constantly. The wind is soft all day and the high tide was the best.

Lester was the man in the water today.  He found some nice waves to make sweet cuts. Check the execution.

The high tide is so high, is removing all the sand and look like is better for the shape of this wave.  All this sand stop down the beach and good rights are rolling in perfect.

Check for how long this one is rolling. Yesterday with my super fish 6'2" I killed this right, with no leash I have barrel and good turns, it was so perfect, I did not even lose my surfboard.

Now look like low season. If you want to be surfing alone or just with your friends, think to come here for this time.

The wave was breaking in the same spot every time, so i can take this picture without much effort.

I hope today the wave be the same as yesterday, around four in the afternoon is cloudy and the water so glassy, Uuuu like a dream.

Ok. amigos everything's so green now.  All the gardens were bursting of life. Armando Lopez is out.