Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi everybody, thanks for joining us for the Friday surf report, yesterday we said that we thought there was going to be offshore winds today but when we got to the beach this morning the wind was the same as the last few days.  The waves were running about knee to waist high on sets and it hasn’t rained in the last two days so the water is starting to clear up.

There were a few locals out longboarding getting some really fun waves all the way in to the beach.  Here is Jensie “El Peliguey” Bellorine trying to get his toes over the nose.

After we went to the bay we decided to go hunting for some shrimp in the river.  Here is one of our victims.  The water was not as clear as we thought it was going to be so we only caught around three dozen. 

On our walk back to “El Burro” from the river we all decided to pitch in and pick up some trash along the way.  Here is a picture of D-lites share.  Between all of us we almost filled up the back of the truck.

On the ride back to town we saw these two huge pigs taking a bath and we asked Codo if he would like to join them and to our surprise he said yes.  We had to get a photo of this to share with you.  The forecast is calling for offshore wind for the next three days with a new swell, so please check back tomorrow.