Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 09, 2021

Hey ya'll welcome back for this wonderful weekend Saturday Surf report! Today is a down day in between swells but our down days are still better then most places good days. Come check out some of the waves from today's session!

When I first got to the spot here there were maybe 3-4 people out and one by one more and more surfers started showing up ready to get in on the action.

Dude getting slotted like a debit card at the money machine! Yeeeew

Perfect little tubes just big enough to squeeze in and get that vision.

Both lefts and rights coming through spread out over a few peaks with 10-15 people out.. yes please!

Dude watch out for those feet about to take a kick to the face by a barefoot blackbelt.

Look at that nice fun corner and the little mini corner in the foreground for one of those remote controlled surfer things.

They say variety is the spice of life, well with corners, tubes, and air sections these waves provide plenty of variety.

Make sure you find some time to put in the practice! When nobody is watching and you're just doing your thing anyway.. that's the passion.

A couple of parting shots from our normal out front spot to warm the heart.

Boom! Ryan showing the power and finesse in action. Okay ya'll thank you so much for cruising by and checking out the waves from today, hope you can get some soon too. I hope ya'll have a great weekend. Also if you like boxing there is a huge match tonight the trilogy fight between Wilder and Fury. Adios Amigos