Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hello and good sunday to everyone. Here we are another day in the paradise!!!. The waves are smaller than yesterday, but we are still watching some super fun waves. Check it out.


The offshore wind is stable during all day. The Onshore wind is over, now we are just waiting to the next swell of this wednesday.

We see people trying to get some tubitos. This surfer here is going out of the tube, he is not where surfers usually go out, but probably will counting like half way.

The sets are coming with a lot of minutes of different, really you need time to start to see some waves, but there are moments with some good ones and people is taking all the good waves possible they can.

I was watching some good waves and people trying big with power in the tricks, but a lot of them felled, so here are some of the best wipeouts.

This surfer get one of the good waves in one of the sets and he missing his turn too. Ho man!!!!. What happened..//??

Well, he was going big in this turn, for sure in the next try he will make complete. This size of waves are the best to start learning to make turns.

This month is not considered one of the best of the year with swell, but old people and longboarder love the conditions because the line up is almost empty and the waves are rolling slower.

Even the cats are making the best thing they know to do. Is a lazy month, but is good for relax and paddle out to catch a few waves.

The waves will be smaller the next two days. People in longboards are catching more waves so is time to cheating and used our bigger boat to take all the waves. We need to seems like bumper cars from the amusement parks.

Ok. My friends. The rain is making the gardens looks awesome. Brings your families and spend some good days in a week in this tropical spot and have fun in some of the best waves in the entire world. Have good weekend Armando Lopez is out.