Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hello my friends!!!. The offshore wind come back!!!!!. We have nice wind in the morning but until the afternoon the waves start to break good with the low tide. Check it out.

The are a couple peaks working, but this peak have better size. The swell is making some waves overhead and there are thick barrels.

This waves were making to go up the adrenaline . The surfers were getting a lot speed after the drop or in the bottom turns. So here is how looks the best cuts of the afternoon.

The waves are peaky and the low tide put a sand bank to work. Here is a surfer trying to make good calculation to get into that tube.

Like this surfer here how his matematic were wrong and just put the half of his body in the giyotine of the wave.

We have a good surfer in the water. This man is making the sick tricks in the line up.

Here is one crazy floater,,,this surfer was going so fast and this wave was making a barrel in his way.

The waves were such much better after the onshore wind go away, hopefully the Hurricane died and the ocean go stable, because we have some swell hitting the beach.

Here is other peak with lefts and rights. This peak was smaller, but have a thick lip. The last few days the low tide was the best.

The last few days there are a lot of good turns in this left. The waves are coming constantly probably every ten minutes and during the sets there are waves for everybody.

This left is good because sometime have a waves against and is a perfect spot to try a air. Here is a man flying without wings.

Wow!!!!. D-Lite come back more powerful than ever. After a few month without to mush surf activities, this surfer catch a wave and made a big smash to this wave...You are my boy blue,,,...

Ruth is surfing here everyday and we are watching this girl take some of the best waves in the line up. Here she is riding a left getting a lot experience in every wave she got.

Ok. Mis amigos. The waves will be better tomorrow, so be tuned to the report. Armando Lopez is out.