Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 07, 2021

Hey there and welcome back to the daily surf report from your favorite stretch of Nicaraguan Coastline. Today has been nonstop super fun waves, lots of tubes at low tide and high tide and every tide in between. Come check out some highlights and enjoy some clean glassy waves just like we did this morning.

Plenty of waves spread out over a few peaks, it was such a fun session this morning/ afternoon. As I left the beach it was still doing it's thing so I'm guessing it will be another awesome sunset session as well.

With the kids enjoying the white water waves on the inside and the grown ups enjoying the tubes on the outside.

Lesther throwing his hands up in the air in excitement!

The low tide revealed a lot of shells to go searching through to find some unique shapes and colors.. maybe even a shark's tooth.

Getting ready to paddle out or just stopping by to take a look on a nice bike ride everybody was stoked once they saw what was happening out there today.

Marina smacking the lip as she was getting all kinds of waves out there today with the fam.

Hodzon was getting some fun ones and here is one example of the many fun ones that weee being provided by the sea today.

Austin enjoying his new found home away from home. Something tells me he'll be a frequent visitor to this area after this trip.. or a resident jaja

Long time resident Chris out there packing some bombs and with Rick in the water getting the front seat view for all the action.

Oscar with so much spray coming off the tail of his board it's like he was spraying a fire hose!

Rob running to paddle out as the stoke level was soaring sky high for anyone that got the chance to swing down to the beach today.

Tubos para desayunar!

Oscar super slotted on this one

As it started to rain there were some real nice and glassy waves that were still pumping through the lineup and about time that I grab my board and get a lunch surf in so I'm out! Yeee

Thanks for stopping by to check out the surf and vibes here in Iguana with us here at SurfNSR. Always a pleasure to bring ya'll a little taste of the life we are living everyday. Super stoked to call this place home, amazing people and vibes. Great waves and energy. Okay ya'll thank you, see you tomorrow for some more fun waves, the forecast calls for a little dip in energy before ramping up for another swell. Adios amigos!