Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another day, more onshore winds. What more can I say. Here is a shot of the bay here in San Juan Del Sur. Even these two locals are wondering when things will get back to normal...

Even most of the locals stayed home today. (Not this guy though)

Unknown diehard, calling it a day...The Dirty Sanchez used to sit out there in the background.

OK kids, here is the lesson of the week for you. Wear sunscreen. I've got this sun-damaged spot on my lip that the dermatologist said I had to treat. He gave me this gnarly medicine that burned both my top and bottom lips. This is Day 10 of the treatment. Believe me, you don't ever want to have to do this.

When it rains this much, we find other things to do - like jump off the bridge into the river! Check it out. Hasta Manana.