Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 03, 2020

What's up everybody welcome back for a daily dose of Nica surf action! Today we had some fun waves but they weren't the picture perfect waves you may be used to from us. Nonetheless I have no doubt that those who paddled out today had a good time.

Even when the waves are smaller they still have some good push and provide plenty of opportunity to get some waves.

There were maybe a handful of guys out today so the wait for a wave was non existent.

Nice warm water waves are always a welcome change from the colder waters of California.

Mateo loves his backyard surf spot and def puts in the work so that his surfing is always dialed in.

Lesther was busy acting as lifeguard on duty but found some time to get out for a few waves of his own.

Didn't take but a minute after he paddled out and he was slashing the face and catching all the waves at the more southerly peak that the others had ignored.

Part of the perks of being a lifeguard, after watching the ocean all day you got a pretty good idea where the wave is breaking and where the rogue waves have been rolling in.

This guy was cruising the tide line looking for some snacks.

Going up! Got that thing pointed to the sky before hitting the snap and out the back for another.

Almost looks like the 2nd angle of the same shot but this was another wave, like I said the guys who paddled out were definitely stoked even though it wasn't picture perfect it looked real fun.

Alright guys thanks for tuning in for another episode of the Daily Surf report. Hope you have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend! Cruise back tomorrow to see what B. Scott has got for ya. Peace