Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, October 01, 2012

Hola amigos, Hi folks!  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with a very quick update for our Monday report.  The conditions are not as good as we would have liked.  Super strong onshore winds and a little bit of rain, NOBODY out but we still wanted to show you guys the lineup!

We checked the ocean today but it was not worth it to paddled out.  So, we made it back home and cook some tacos for breakfast.

Made it to the shop a little later for a quick meeting with our very own Quesitos.  She's flying out for some vacations and we want to make sure everything keeps going on the same way.  Have fun Quesitos!

The day kept going and we kept doin' our things.  El Codo Lopez and Adolfo getting some work done at one of our rentals.  We are going to stay open for this month so if you guys want to come down we can set you up with no crowds.

We came back to the beach and it was still the same.  Crazy winds and nobody out.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll get some surf.

I guess we are just going to stay doing our thing.  Just give me a couple of 12 packs and see you guys later.  Peace!