Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 01, 2005

Torneo de Pangas took place today. We drafted an all star team to man the Dirty Sanchez for today's tournament - Myself, Richard, owner of Ricardo's Bar, Alvaro, 1st mate of the Man Ray and Roberto, official photographer. Yes, we started the day with high hopes and headed out into a dain bramaging 5'+ windswell and 20 knot onshores.

When I say it was rough, I'm not kidding. We could barely even take pictures. And it wasn't because Roberto was getting seasick either. We were able to pause briefly to take this photo without soaking the camera equipment.

Well, it happens to the best of 'em - with the exception of a few baitfish, we were skunked and beat down. So much so, that we returned to the docks early, with two hours to spare. Partially to beat the crowds, but more to avoid the embarrassment of our coffers.

So we had plenty of time to go home, shower, change and eat before going back to docks to check out what would surely be a disappointing catch for our bretheren. We were dead wrong!

I don't know how these guys did it - but they pulled in some FISH! Here is a truck load of Roosterfish.

Roosterfish get pretty big around here...

Here's Captain Lance Moss from Surfari Charters with Jeff holding up their first place Dorado - 27 lbs. Nice work guys!

It was a little scary during the weigh-in - they beat 2nd place by only 1 lb.

These guys tried to win the category for "most total weight" Hey, do stingrays count? In Nicaragua they do.

We even had some folks fly in by Heli for the event. Why don't you guys just land that thing on the beach? We checked it for keys, but found the doors locked. Damn.

To add insult to injury, even the security guards had more fish than us. No worries though - we're coming back strong next year. Casa Pellas, you out there? We need a Yamaha sponsorship! Hook us up!