Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Friday everybody!! This is Parker checking in for a mid day update of the current surf conditions. It isn't ideal but it's still fun so click "read more!"

By lunch time, the wind was light onshore. Nothing crazy or howling, but a warm breeze to keep the air moving.

And to set up plenty of sections to smash!! The waves were swooping in from the west so the energy created a lot of rights.

Just a few rights!!! Maybe it's because I'm a regular footer or maybe it's because the sun was at my back but the rights were looking fun and rippable.

Before we enter the true offseason, I wanted to shoot the beach break. But nobody was out!!! Thankfully we have still have Horseshoes to show off. The shape is different so it's fun in its own way.

As in oncoming sections to smash or fly above, spreading the crowd out, or amplifying the tiniest bit of swell.

Be careful though folks... there is a new apex predator patrolling the waters here!!!! Tengan cuidado!!

Well, a 5 year apex predator that is. Mr. Judah Man was enjoying a fun afternoon splashing in the shallows and playing with his new toys. Bro, where are your shark toys?!?!

Meanwhile, the ladies (Stacey and Brittany) enjoyed the sun. Ava too- but she was working on her sandcastle game.

A little farther north, others are staying busy on the beach too! The Costa Mar condos are coming along well and I can't wait to see what Horseshoe looks like with pumping swell from the top floor! Reach out to Carl if you'd appreciate more information on local real estate.

Plenty of real estate opportunities on this line too. Would you bust out a big top where the wave is taller and more powerful or race down the face and lay all your speed the end section?

I think I'd do the same: bust it out early. Then try to race down and catch up to the wave!!

Ok damas and caballeros, I hope this report was uploaded just in time before you leave the office for the weekend! Thank you guys for checking out today's goodies and we'll keep you posted with some more tomorrow. Pasan un buen fin de semana amigos!!!