Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's up everybody?! Welcome to the NSR report with Parker. Click read more to see the sick shots!!

We hope you enjoy today's reports because the morning session was all time! Put your Friday morning work to the side for the next five minutes.

Surprise, surprise, Lesther Espinoza locked into a sick one. Too bad nobody took that left...

The resident barrel rider was killing it today. Does this photo provide enough evidence or do you need more?

Because we have plenty more too show you... Nice wave hombre!!!

Neptune sent us an awesome SW swell to start off the morning. All (of the other) best waves were rights.

Due to that direction, the rights were hitting the sandbars really well. The last swell totally changed up the bars so they were in great shape for today's heavy action.

Sick tube bro!!! Too bad you stole it.

What's an NSR barrel fest without Carlos Perez?! He only surfs when it's firing.

When everybody paddles over or ducks under, he takes off. Keep scrolling down to check out his sequence!

He knows how to knife the drop and slip into the spot. Locals have this spot in these conditions wired.

Still loaded and locked on his first wave...

Days like today are the epic days we look forward to. The view from the NSR House makes it a tiny bit better.

Lesther normally finds a better view though. Keep going down to find out why..

See what I mean???

Calm, cool, and collected. Getting shacked is a daily routine for him... like brushing his teeth or taking out the trash.

Today was Lennin's day off so he came over to surf with us. How do you think his day off was?

He surfs a beautiful frontside pointbreak everyday at work so I knew he'd be stoked to get a few backsiders.

Not a bad day off, huh? Nice wave primo!

Carlos Perez watched Lennin catch that gem in front of him. Let's see how he responded on his next wave.

High, tight, and styling!! Typical Carlitos.

Carlos claims in a different way. Sick wave bro!

Why is there a Hilux on the beach?? Are the barrels that big??

As usual, the shoulders were waiting after the tube. Oliver Solis ripped apart a few faces like this.

Are you still with me? I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing too many gorgeous barrels...

100 Cordobas says this guy isn't sick of it yet.

The insiders were faster and zippy down the line. Either take a set wave that broke properly or look for the quick exit on the insiders.

Lesther, you crushed it today and put on a clinic for everybody. Keep taming the beasts bro!

Well, both of the best barrel riders were killing it today!! Expect similar conditions like this tomorrow.

Ok damas and caballeros, thank you all for checking out today's action! We hope you can get piece of this swell here or up in the States. Hasta en la manana amigos!!