Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hello everybody. The last few days the waves are super fun. The offshore wind is soft all day and the waves are good all day long. If you have Surfline premium account look a little the swell of the next month.

I was surfing in the morning this right with Peter Kerson and Jamie Kocher ( El Mero Shapeshifter ) and every waves of we take was a barrel with a nice line.

The tide coming up is bringing a lot of good waves. There are three peaks working right now. Check the north peak.

The forecast say the average for today and tomorrow it is 2-3 feet and this beach is getting some overhead waves, so probably the next days the waves looks the same.

The wind is dropping, making some waves glassing. The sets keep coming in group of three waves.

This surfer is hitting the critical part of the wave making a nice trick. Check the wave in the back.

The water is so clear right now. The sensation of be in the water is insane.

The spectators have all day to pick up the best time to go surf. The wind is stable all day and what exchange in the wave is just the power of the break.

The low tide have a lot of tubes. The high tide is good for try a sick turns.

Woooooo Www, I don't kidding!!!! this peak is working so good. I had four barrels already, in my two surf session and I will be ready for the third one later.

All the people in the line up is making some sick cuts. There is more energy in the water today compared with yesterday, so even in the inside session there is power for get good speed and rip.

Check another cut. These surfers are kicking hard, testing his high performance fins.

This surfer is dragging the hand for get a little shack. That little ramp look good for give a clash.

When the left come to shock with the right the wave give a good spot for try a air. The tide was high around the 3:17 pm today, so the people was able to surf the six twelve hours in road if they could.

Bang!!!!!. This surfer get one of the few left and finish with a strong cut.

We see the waves coming from the south of the beach and in the moment of the wave hit the beach the waves have a short lefts and longer rights.

Some surfing were looking a hut in the inside. In a small day of wave this count like a half tube.

Well. The weather is good. The days are hot so is good idea for paddle out in this glassing conditions.

Trying a sick trick the wipeout don't hurt, so go high in the intent. This visitor was working in his back side style.

Ok. Amigos. See you tomorrow. The sunset are amaizng every day so go get some barrels and enjoying the sunset. Armando Lopez is out.

The view of the line up from the beach. This wave make me want to go surf again, so see you in the waves.