Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another rainy, onshore and fun day down here in San Juan del Sur.  The surf was super fun at the bay this afternoon, lots of people showed out to ride a few.  It was running about chest to head high on sets and I do not even have to bother you saying that the winds were on.  Check it out!!!

DId we say lots of people?  Check out the local kids jut seconds away from fun.  All the local kids are so stoked to surf out front even if the winds are blowing that strong.

A couple international guys were able to paddle and score many fun ones.  Here is caught this guy picking up a nice looking right hander.

Some of the grommets were killing it all over the place.  Larry "Carita de Venado" got to find some nice ramps and was busting some sick ones. 

Everybody in the lineup was ripping it up this afternoon.  Check out this dude with a sweet turn on this small but beautiful left.

There were a few sets with some short but nice barrel sections.  Here we caught this guy trying to pull into this one.  Is that really the bay in San Juan del Sur?  That's look super fun, uh!

It is still raining a lot down here and that's making the light tough for photos but we are doing the best to show you how it is.  This is Kervin "The Grouper" riding a killer peeler.

Sadly not everybody was happy.  Do you think this guy was stoked after he got this one on the head?  Sorry pal, but even the bay has power down here!

When we got to the beach the tide was pushing in and the wind was howling.  That made this boat hit the shore.  The boat is ok but unfortunately the motor sank and it is pretty F*******!

The last shot of the day goes to La Gaviota Chamorro with a sweet frontside maneuver.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well so make sure to check us back out.