Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi everyone, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you all the action for the Tuesday surf report.  Today we drove a little bit to one of our favorite spots down south, expecting to score some fun ones and we did.  The waves were running about chest to shoulder high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

On the first shot of the day we have D-lite with a sick spray on this left.  He’s flying out to the States tomorrow, so he was stoked to ride some fun waves before he left.

There were a few guys out when we got there but the lineup was really mellow.  Here we have this unknown rider from Spain taking this sweet little right all the way in.

This is Tom dropping into a nice wave.  Check out how clear the water looks.  This guy had many good ones today.

I went for a swim this morning and I decided to take the water camera out for a while.  I snapped a few interesting shot.  This is Jim from Seattle high lining this beautiful left.  Watch out, don’t bite your tone dude!!!

A couple locals took a ride with me to the beach and were taking plenty of fun ones.  This is Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella bottom turning a nice sizeable set wave.

“El Codo” Lopez was getting shacked all over the place.  Check him out pulling into one of the many sick ones he had.

You gotta believe me when I say that the water was clear.  Nice view, uh!!!

On the last shot of the day we have Pedro “El Cacaste” Flores with a sweet frontside air.  The waves are supposed to be bigger tomorrow so be sure to stay tuned with us.