Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hey buddys!!!. We have a fun day of surf. The waves are around shoulder high and are good during all morning. The side shore wind is coming in the noon, so we surf in the morning and chill out in the afternoon.

We start watching new swell. The waves were breaking in different places with different speed and shape.

We are waiting a swell for tomorrow, so this is just the beginning, we are excited to see how gonna looks the waves in our next days.

Today we are taking advantage of the small conditions to make some tricks. Here is one of the best cut from the morning.

This right was giving a lot of fun to the surfer in the water. We say waves shoulder high, but we are watching some waves to head high.

Most of the waves were perfect, compared with the imperfect waves. To have a little tubes like this one were normally today.

Oscar is here in one of the left. The drop was closer of the shoulder of the wave, so after the drop you have a few meters for go out of this tubito.

All beach have some wave working. We hope the next days have the same numbers of peaks with biggest waves.

We have new rippers in the water. There are around five surfers giving a good show of surf to the audience.

The last swell breaks around seven surfboard in three days, i break my 6'6". Now the ocean looks so calm and friendly.

We have the honor of have some girls in the water ripping. Here is one of their finish the wave with a pretty cut.

My buddy Lenin Guido looks like a cat sticking his nails in the wall of the wave. He is getting deep in this closing out tube.

people like this surf style when are going backside. We call pigdog and is one of the best way to fit in a small tube.

I really like to see the artesanal people of my country selling the art to our visitors. The spanish and English lenguage are mixing during this bussynes. This is one of the best way to get subenier from the indigenas people of Nicaragua.

And here is the last Ukalele in the surf shop. This Ukalele is hand made with fine wood, the builder is a familiar factory for generation. If you love the music and you will be a good person this year. You can gift to your self this instrument.

Ok. Amigos, we will be surfing tomorrow waiting for some amazing waves. So be tuned with the report. Armando Lopez is out.