Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hi there fellas!!!. No everyday is A + waves. The ocean is resting now before the next swell. The waves are small, but surf able. Just a few people in the water today. Check today activity.


I don't see too many waves, but I see some waves like this one. Are just a feet high, but is better than nothing.

Scott the Dragon from Cali was one of the few surfer in the water. He found this right and put a cut on the wave.

Chuaaacattaaaa!!!. This wave was breaking with a little backwash and close to the beach. Nothing like two days before ehhh!!!!.

There is a Brazilian kid in the water, he is destroying the waves. Probably will be hard to see him in the line with that color in his board, but trying to looking for him...

Here is the father of the kid. He is a shaper of the brand named the Cat and looks like the surf is running in the blood of this two surfers.

There are some waves with good line. The wind was a little side shore, but the inside no was affecting too much.

Well, when the waves are small is time to the PGA tour. Casper and Wood were in the same team showing his guns!!!!...

I can't see the ball because is probably flying so fast and far, but we can still watching the perfect swing of this golfer.

The other team Mr. Sir Nicklaus drinker and Danger driver Palmer were more happy after his shut because they even don't see where the ball fell.

Wow, I see how this game started, but i am worry how gonna finish. They are a little wild already and there is a pack of beer and seventeen more hole.

Ok. Mis amigoas. Life is good and more if you are with you best friend to enjoying, so be tuned to the report and see you another day in the surf report. Armando Lopez is out.