Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 25, 2021

Welcome back for the Saturday surf report and an early A.M. sample of waves that are crashing upon our coast this morning. Father and son team eyeing the waves before the paddle out and when you see another grom going to the air it is all the inspiration needed to go charge it.

These two saw their friend out there having all the fun and ran full speed to the water to get in on the action themselves.

We were/ are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new swell in the water and it hasn't quite arrived as of yet but despite that we have some fun waves pushing through the lineup.

Some real fun sized waves that were just peeling away and looked like lots of fun for the longboarder that was out and walking up and down that log of his.

Some party waves out there too! The family that surfs together gets stoked together!

It was a drizzly rainy morning before the clouds cleared and it got super nice out as I'm writing this it is another beautiful sunny day.

It usually gets nice and glassy after a little drizzly rain patch and today was no different as it looked super clean and smooth.

Still waiting on the size to show up which hopefully starts to come in this afternoon or tomorrow morning but any day that the sun is out, the wind is offshore, and there are only a handful of people out in the lineup is a good day for a surf in my book.

I think Damian would agree! Out with the dawn patrol crew satiating his appetite for waves before even having breakfast.

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Alright folks that's a wrap for the early morning surf report and a little taste of Nica life for you. As always it was my pleasure to bring you some early surf grinds for your minds. Make sure to drop in on us whenever to check the surf and the vibes. Love you all! Adios mis amigos