Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey boys, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your Tuesday surf report.  The waves are still small but super fun and clean.  Waist to chest high on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and fresh water.  Check it out!

We have a few guys from Costa Rica staying with us right now and they are scoring many fun waves.  Check him out with a cool off the top on this little nugget.

The boys at the NSR Beach House are having a good time down here.  Here we have one of the boys from Fl looking down the line of a nice left hander.

The waves were nice and fun as you can see.  Lefts and rights were rolling in all over the place, and this guy sat in the right spot to ride some of the better ones.

The local boys showed up to the beach but they did not paddled out to this spot.  They decided to wait for the upcoming swell.  Just watching the action!

Lets take it to the old escuela.  Unknown rider trying to get into this little pocket.

The waves were small but they really had good form.  Take a look at this, and you would wish to be out there.

Florida in the house, just wait a little bit until the waves get bigger folks.  Welcome down!

Last aciton shot of the day.  Giving you a different perspective!

Alright boys, that's all for today.  Please check back tomorrow!