Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the NSR surf report! It's Parker signing in late for today's action. Check and see what we have to show you!!

I apologize for the late upload... we were too busy scoring all day! Enjoy our shots.

Although, it was a tough day in the office. How would you feel if you're working and you watched untouched freight trains steam through???

A nearby reef up north was firing all day! At the higher tide, it was mushy and playful (as playful as it can get for overhead). At the mid tides, the wave became critical.

Dudes... get on it! Stop watching and go surf....

This spot was head to overhead because the swell hadn't quite filled in yet. Take your pick for which side you want to carve up!

Touch base at the office, make a couple visits, refuel, and a quick boat trip. We hope you enjoy today's shots as much as we enjoyed surfing them!

Normally, this spot can be sort of mushy and playful. It's a great spot to practice your rail game.

Not today though!! Please excuse the slight burriness- we hope you still get the picture.

Pancho Sanchez was today's ripper. Check out his sequence!

Pancho and his wife made an afternoon lunch reservation: a tube (big enough) for two please!!

It did not barrel for the entire 300 meters. But a 20 meter section every 50 meters is good enough for us!

While we are speaking about today's rippers, Hace Queso was on it. This woman does it all: runs our shop, raises a beautiful family, and charges overhead surf!!!

The final shredder was the legendary Donnie Boy. He was a little out of his comfort zone but he was still charging!

After countless hours surfing together, I can't decide which I like more: seeing Pancho blast the lip or waiting for his funny expressions...

His mannerisms for sure!!! Surfing with and cheering on my bosses are part of the highlights during a swell.

Surfing with your Pops is also really special. I was proud to see him take waves and respond to my peer pressure of "GOOOOO!!!!!!"

Ok guys and gals, I hope you enjoyed checking out our shots today! It's time to get some sleep for another big day tomorrow. Thank y'all for checking out the report and hasta pronto!!