Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hi everybody, we’ve got the NSR family bringing all the action for the Sunday surf report.  Today we are stoked because we have a much anticipated new swell in the water.  This one looked so good on the forecast - 8' at 18 sec - that we decided to go all out.  We hooked up a killer Jet Ski from our friends at Beach Front Rentals here in SJDS and we lined up the boat.  Everything was all set to go, but the swell didn't quite show up as big as we thought it would be.  It was still a super fun day though and we got to mess around at different spots on the ski.

Here's a cool shot of Pancho and Carlito, checking the run for a step-off attempt.  This wave looks pretty fun, but as it turned out, waves like this were few and far between.  Much more time was spent chasing and waiting than riding.  It also didn't help that the wind was howling offshore.  That made it extra challenging.  Check out Pancho trying to keep the board from flying out of his hands!

This is Carlos Caliente, checking the goods on the horizon.  This was one of about 3 good waves that came in during the 2 hours we were at this spot.  Needless to say, we mis-timed this one!

This isn't a great wave, but it's a cool shot of Carlos pulling Pancho and trying to find the best line on the ski.  After a day of doing this, we have even more respect for those big wave guys.  Beside's the local wave knowledge, there's a lot of skill involved in getting this right.

Here's a cool shot of Pancho, whipping into a small one.  You have so much speed coming off the ski you actually slow down to catch the wave and then the wave feels slow.  While it's easy to catch 50 waves an hour like this, it sure takes a toll on your body! 

Since we had the boat and the ski, we were able to bounce around between some different spots today.  The biggest challenge was trying to find places where we could take some good photos.  This is one spot where we could.  Here is our very own D-lite working on a nice left hander. 

Admittedly, it's more fun to be towed into waves than it is to drive the ski but you wouldn't know it by looking at Carlos Caliente in this shot.  Damn, that looks pretty fun right there!

Here is Pancho, on another long, mushy one.  That's all we really found today at this spot, but it was still pretty fun.

Later on, we put the ski away and decided to paddle into a few.  Check out Carlos Calientito setting up for the barrel section on a nice looking left.  It looks pretty nice from the boat. 

There were a few other surfers having a blast in the water.  Here we have this unknown rider dropping into a small but sweet wave.

This is Abe high lining one of the bigger set waves of the day.  You can tell it's him by is long flowing, black hair.  Looking good Abe!

Another cool way to do it is to come right at the wave and cutback into the face.

It is hard to tell who is getting eaten by this one, uh.  This guy barely made this one and was able to get a bunch of other fun ones. 

Here we have another unknown rider picking up another nice looking left.  It was fun to share this beautiful spot with only a few guys out today.

Well, mother nature didn't provide us with the giant barrels we were hoping for today. That's OK, we had a blast anyway. Special thanks to the Steve and Sally at Beach Front Rentals in SJDS for renting us this killer Yamaha 3 seater. We'll definitely be doing this again the next time the waves get big!