Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today we went looking for some waves and we found a beach with not much swell but a beautiful view of the southern coast.  As you can see we didn’t find many waves in the water.  Let’s see what else we got going on in town.

Today was the national clean a beach day here in Nicaragua.  We had tons of the people from the nearby towns come out to help us make our beaches look even more beautiful. Here we have a shot of the Bay of San Juan getting cleaned up.

The local government even had a major celebration for the event.  It is really appreciated when we can get the majority of the people involved.  Here we have the schools best marching band doing their thing.   What a show!!!

This is just one of the twelve beaches that were cleaned up during the event.  As you can imagine we collected a lot of trash.  We here at NSR are very proud of the people of Nicaragua for giving up their time to preserve the natural beauty.