Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello fellas. The waves keep kinda small about hip high. The offshore wind is slow so the ocean look really calm. The water and the air is fresh, really beautiful day. Check it out.

The tide is coming up and this peak have the best shape. The waves are not constantly, but the sets bring about five waves to make sure everybody go.

In the inside the wind is less so the water is clear and glassing. Here is a surfer in a single fin in one wave of the set.

A lot of the surfer in the line up are learning to surf. This size and shape of the wave probably are giving a lot of good experience to improve his surf level.

In the end of the right were the a place to made a come back. The size of the waves keep fine for rip a little.

Here is Josh ripping in this little left. The left was short but was breaking with an angle, making the wave a little faster and strong.

Here is te left. Just three people was sit down in this peak.

This surfer was running to go surf after to see this left. This wave is tiny but super fun.

Well, the swell look small to the next days,but if we keep having this size we are happy to have something for surf. With this right we will be happy, but with the expectation to have a X factor to made that wave bigger. Armando Lopez is out.