Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 17, 2022

Lots of waves!! We are stoked to have some excellent surf out front all day! It's been pretty dang good throughout the day, Lesther was doing his lifeguard duty having to watch all these perfect waves coming through the lineup and finally got his lunch break and time to paddle out for some. Check it out..

Mystery Barrel Surfer!

Carl caliente getting in on the action out front getting some tube time too!

Caption this pic! "You're a tiger, yes! Fierce!" now you make a caption!

Everybody having fun down at the beach today!

A-Frames pumping through the lineup.. everybody having fun down at the beach today

Tide was getting pretty low at this point, look at the sand dredging up in the middle of this one

Carlos been finding the shady spots in the lineup for a decade+

Derek loves a pumping barrel, it's easy to see why he decides to call this place home

Some more slotty tubes out there between the bomb sets too

It's days like these I tell ya.. days like these that put a big fat smile on everybodys face.. and lucky for us they are the norm around here

Offshore winds all day and swell in the water, we just a bunch of kids on Christmas morning everyday down here when the swell arrives

Just staying stoked like a kid on their B-day! Happy B-day Ayla!

Double shakas and a smile, a perfect representation of how I feel everyday waking up with the surf conditions like they are today!

One of the newest poppas down here Papi Nacho getting his tube count up this morning

Mystery Barrel Surfer #2

Okay ya'll thank you for coming by and checking us out today! Looks like the waves gonna be good again tomorrow and you know we gonna be here posting more eye candy to stoke your soul and share the vibes from the hood. Cheers to you and yours, thank you for coming by and checking us out! Hasta luego amigos