Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello all and welcome back to our surf report with Parker! I wanted to keep you on your toes so I checked out a break up north. Look at our shots from this morning!

My friend and I arrived after high tide, which allowed the reef to work really well. That ensured the backwash subsided and the waves had a clean shape.

As a result, the waves were less critical. Everybody found a playful face to enjoy!

There are mountains behind this break which provide some offshore wind protection. Looks like this guy doesn't need the wind to help his sprays!

My good friend Clayton (@Kennedyvisual) joined me this morning. Yes, we still love doing early morning surf journeys in Nicaragua!

Clayton, how does it feel to be on the other side of the camera? Show us whatcha got!!

Because those guys don't want to talk to the pretty surfer girls, somebody come give me a hand! Man the camera and report for me while I go meet some new friends!

This guy rode the wave all the way into the shorebreak (over 100 yards). Being from the East Coast, I'm still getting acclimated to the leg burn after the rippable rollers.

Because the waves are a little softer here compared to our home break, beginners can have a blast too! Not to mention, there is plenty of time to make a gradual turn and get down the line.

Or, it's a fun wave to work on style. Keep cruising down that line!

Everybody was on the a frame but check out this little nugget! Only one guy was capitalizing on these untouched beauties.

This surfer was all over the waves today. Check out the next couple of photos!

He caught all of our eyes from the beach and the jealous guys in the line up!

And he stuck the landing! Nice backside pop amigo.

On his next wave, he decided to throw buckets instead of 180's. Keep ripping buddy!

Here's one last a frame for you to check out... Just be thankful it's almost Friday!!

Alright guys it's time to start wrapping up the day and go catch an afternoon bump. Thank y'all for checking out our report and I hope you liked the change up! Adios amigos!!