Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to NSR's Sunday surf report. We're wrapping up the end of a holiday weekend here in Nicaragua and Central America - it was the equivalent of Independence Day for both on Thursday and Friday. Everybody has had a long weekend and today we were rewarded once again with a new swell, overhead surf and offshore winds. We started the morning out in front of the NSR Casita - check it out...

After a fun session, we managed to catch this "close call" with the camera before moving on. Fortunately, nobody got hurt on this one.

TanG was out, scouting, tanning and tanning. We checked a few spots, including this secluded beach. No surf here, but it doesn't get much prettier than this.

Later in the afternoon, we went over to greet the new crew at the NSR Beach House. They are all in a heavy metal band so they only wear black clothes. Welcome to Nicaragua you guys.

Now imagine leaving your home in North Carolina - knowing it's right in the middle of hurricane season - and going on a surf trip to Nicaragua. It's all day in the car to the airport on the plane in the car and to the NSR House. Then you drop your bags in the living room, walk through the sliding glass doors and this is what you see...

It was going off all afternoon. Rights, Lefts, barrels - building swell and tons of waves. It was so good, I only took pics for 10 minutes. This is JJ, going backside.

Here is Manuel, big wave charger, picking off one of the set waves. Yes, the NSR Beach House guests were stoked! The swell is forecast to build a bit and hold for the rest of the week so check back later for more pics!