Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 16, 2022

Is summer over..? Not here in Nica.. we are still enjoying the dog daze of summer down here where the weather is always summer beach weather ;) The wind is offshore and the waves are good! Check it out..

Mid tide perfect waves coming through the lineup this morning around 9:30am - 10:30am.. sometimes it pays to sleep in lol.. at least when the high tide is early AM

So much beauty in one photo.. blue sky, peeling wave, Marina with a wonderful smile after a fun surf session.. life is good in Nica

How about some surf from Marina though! Yeeeew

Head on down to the beach and find a nice shady spot haha

Then jump out the shade and bust out some rail game

Groms out there shredding the waves like is so common here with all the good surfers and kids that get shreddy

Super consistent morning with multiple peaks all hucking out lips nice and hollow.. what an amazing way to start the day

This was all in less than an hour just a complete wave fest out front today

If you're reading this I hope you get the chance to come down and score some of these waves with us

Jaime is back in town and scoring waves, making a nice bottom turn and getting ready for some barrel time or a nice smackahthelip lol

Okay ya'll I hope you have an amazing day and end of the week, go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Take a walk on the sand, it's a gorgeous day out there. Stoked you came by to check us out and come on back tomorrow for some more highlights. If you're in the neighborhood come on down to the Beach Club at sunset there will be a DJ at the beach club so it's gonna be another beautiful day to be out at the beach