Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 15, 2022

Nica Independence and some fun waves! Welcome back for another edition of the SurfNSR surf report. The sun is shining and the wind is offshore, the community is full of people ready to celebrate but the lineup is not too crowded so it is a great time. Check it out..

The locals playing in the sand and shore break while the surfers are out in the lineup scoring some fun ones.

This guy's mind is blown looking at that power snap, is that Dane out there shreddin' yeeeew

It was the mid tide falling tide when I was down there shooting and there were some head high sets mixed in with the super consistent shorter period swell we getting all kinds of waves and lots of peaks up and down the beach

The season is nearing it's end but the waves don't wanna stop.. life is good

Ravi is visiting from Brazil and putting in lots of time at Colorado scoring waves and chillin Nica style

If you are in town swing by tomorrow to the beach club as they will have a dj playing some tunes and it's sure to be a good time

The Beach Patrol is out in force making sure everybody is safe and able to make it back home after some fun in the water. Thanks guys!

Another sneaky barrel found

Yuji looking for some barrel time of his own, or maybe just pump ahead and smack the lippppp

Thanks for coming by and checking us out today! We will be here providing shots for you daily so make sure to come back tomorrow and see what we got for you! Cheers