Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello and good morning everybody. One hundred and ninety four years ago our Country Nicaragua attained the independence from Spanish and Mexican government, creating our beautiful and original Nation. The 15 of September of 1821 was the beginning of our history and we keep writing the lines. Blessing with good waves and the offshore wind we are proud to show you every day with the NSR surf report the lifestyle and natural treasures we have. Check here a little piece of that.

The waves are small, but check even the tiny waves have the DNA of the perfection. It is because is made in Nicaragua.

When there are small waves there are always good ideas to spend your time. Like this people here. A simple horse back riding on this beach for about two hours can made your day unforgettable.

This local man went out to work and after couple hours he already have food and good money to support his family. Life is good.

The waves keep coming, but everybody keep waiting to the afternoon to see if the tide bring big waves. This peak could bring some fun waves, so be tuned.

Well. Nicaragua have a good diving spot to go hunting some class world fish. Here is Bryan McMandon and Carl Segerstrale after a morning dive. Check the two Pargo Cubera and the the big Pargo Rockero. The BBQ, some friends and good Sunset will be a good mix to spend the rest of the day. YEEEEAAAAHHHH Brudda.

During the high tide some surfers paddle to catch this right. That ramp look good to made some tricks.

The water is so blue the last few days. Is like a big swimming pool with waves.

The new surf local generation paddle out surf conditions for learn a little more. Usually the waves are big so this guys not have to many days for practice in nice friendly waves.

A lot of beginners and kids were out and they enjoying this waves. When we are sad for have tiny waves, they are super happy because they not are scary at all.

Well, they need to enjoy they time, because we will have our time oneday again.!!!!!!!. Have a good afternoon and see you tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.