Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hola Amigos. After some days with onshore wind today the wind change and this was the result.

When I saw this right break, I wanted to jump to where I was taking photos and go running to surf.

At this time hardly anyone was in the line up and the left began to improve. I saw some waves spitting.

Some waves were over head. Here we see how solid the wave was.

A group of guys from Atlantic city were ready to the party trying to get something.

Huuu .... this was a perfect wave. Look like this guy had to hold the rail of his board.

If you want to learn to be inside the tube, Nicaragua shows you how many opportunities you have to try. This guy knows what I'm talking.

I had forgotten how as seen a good wave after a week of onshore wind. These guys were lucky to came on a good day. Many people left because there were no waves and today was like a normal day in Nicaragua.

I think there was anyone in this right. Hopefully tomorrow keep breaking for the people do dawn patrol. Ok. this was Armando Lopez to the report, see you tomorrow waiting for the wind to remain stable.