Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hola everyone! Brian here, bringing you the action from the beach this Saturday. Well we had some big waves today, and some crazy currents making for some interesting conditions out in the water. The morning started out with some head high to overhead barrels and with the tide some bigger sets came through as the day went on. Check it out!

This is what you get when the rips are running like a river out there and the tide is super low...crazy, twisted , wedge!

Not a whole lot of people out front again today, I think everyone jumped on a boat or surfed down the beach. If you can paddle hard enough, you could get into a few decent ones like this guy.

Seems like more guys were getting worked on the inside today and watching some epic tubes reeling with no one on them. 

One of the local kids hiding from the gringos...squeezing in there!

The crowds are gone it seems like and you can see from this photo, sick empty barrels feeling sad with no one to get shacked. I should go say hello.

The good and the bad....guy dropping in a bomb in the background....guy walking in with a broken board after scoring a bomb. Price to pay if you want to surf here. Next time Andrew. : )

Zach, setting up and looking for shade.

This guy got lucky and found the shade...yew! Definitely lucky if you could find yourself in the barrel today, because the wind and rips weren't making it easy.

Carlos, driving in the shade, looking for an exit. Surfing this spot everyday, he makes it look effortless.

Bomb of the day! Any takers? This set came out of nowhere, when it seemed like it was already big, and it reeled all the way to the beach. I think I could've made it..what do you think? All right peeps, that's it for today, hope you got out there today. We'll see you guys manana..Adios!