Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 15, 2008

Lance and crew routinely slay the Sails but has just started to fish for Marlin this year.  After raising one a couple of months ago, it didn't take them too long to land one.  I asked Capt. Moss what he would do if he ever caught the elusive Bob Marlin, implying that it's customary to tag and release such a spectacular sea creature and he told me "No way man, the first one I catch is coming with me in the boat!"  Well, it took 5 guys to pull this thing over the side and into the boat.  Check it out!

You could only imagine the spectacle when the Va Pue pulled up to the awards ceremony,  which was well underway by the time they made it back to port.  A 7.5 hour fight with Bob made them too late for the weigh-in but it didn't matter.  The crowd cheered as they viewed what is undoubtedly the biggest fish ever brought in during a SJDS fishing tourney.  Congrats to Lance and Jimmy.  You guys crushed it again.

For the full story from Capt. Moss himself, click on the image and go to the Surfari Charter Captains Log.

Welcome to the Monday surf report, this is Jairo “Come Pan” Panic and Roberto “Lucha libre” bringing you all the action today. This morning we headed up north to get some killer surf shots at one of our favorite breaks here in Nicaragua. The waves were fun, running about head high with occasional over head sets, with not a very big crowd, the water was super clear, and the wind was offshore. Check out what we got.

The waves were super fun like a skatepark out there today.  They were wedging up really fast and then holding up down the line.  It was perfect for busting airs or in this case, busting the "air drop".

Here is our good buddy Mr. Brown setting up for yet another long barrel ride on a nice sized set wave. Today the sand bars were a little fickle and the waves were not very hollow, but as usual Mr. Brown found plenty that were to his liking.

But unfortunately for Mr. Brown sometimes finding the good barrels come at a price. It looks like it’s time to run up to the truck to grab a new stick, and head back out there to get some more.

We wanted to post this picture of the new generation of Nicaraguan surfers that we have coming up in the ranks. We wanted to introduce them to you, from left to right we have Carlos who is the oldest of the group at 11 years old, next is Edwin and he is 9 years old, and last but not least we have Jackson and he is 10 years old. Their future looks very bright.

We caught a good shot of Edwin doing his thing on a sweet little left. As you can see he already has a style that is way ahead of his years. That is what having good waves all of the time will do for your surfing.

This is Ollie and he is one of the lucky guys who happen to live right in front of one the best waves we have here in Nicaragua, it seems that he has it pretty wired. Here we caught him on one of the better set waves of the day.  Hey Olli, we have more shots of you today, just click on the image above and check out NSR Surf Shots!

Today we had a couple of really good surfers in the line-up. This guy was getting a lot of speed on all of his waves. If anyone out there knows who he is, please let him know that we have the whole sequence of this wave. If you want to check it out, all you have to do click the image above and got to NSR Surf Shots!

Check out this gringo in the white shirt about to get a nice little cover up on this wedging Left hander!  (click on the image if you want to see the whole sequence).

Later in the afternoon we moved a little further north to another one of our favorite spots where there was a little bit more of a crowd. We have this shot to show you that it is good to have common courtesy and to always be careful or someone might get hurt.   It's also a great example of GRINGO SPLAT!

Here goes one more gringo out in front of a perfect little right hand tube.  That one looks nice and buttery!

Today is our Independence Day here in Nicaragua, so we wanted to leave you with this shot of the beach scene. Not only were there a lot of people surfing we also had quite a few people playing some volleyball and soccer on the beach. We will be back tomorrow. Please check back with us.