Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre with our daily report.  Today I had to go to the airport to drop Pancho and his family off.  I was thinking to go to the beach in the afternoon but I didn't because our buddy Mike from Nica Waves sent us some cool shots in.  The waves were super fun up there and the wind was offshore.  Check it out!

The Martinez were the only ones, crushing it all morning long.  This is Mario "El Danino" Martinez busting a nice frontside air. 

But Mario wasn't the only one that was flying all over the place.  Check out Junior "La Juliana" Martinez going big with another sweet air.

Here is one last shot of Mario with a nice looking backside snap.  Did we mention that he was killing it?  Feel free to hit on any of the shots from today's if you want to check out NICA WAVES SITE.  What a nice shot Mike, keep up the good work!!!

Today we were celebrating the 154 aniversary of Batalla San Jacinto .  When Nicaragua was fighting against Willian Walker dinasty.  So, we celebrate every year the September 14th as one of the most important dates, with some cultural shows and music bands jump out to the street to play rytms. 

Most of the local colleges participate every year on this huge party, including the cute chicks.  Here they are having a good time.

Some of the best students in town has to be part of the show.  Here is Dagne on the last shot of the day, so proud to be a good student and daugther.  The surf should be fun tomorrow so please check back with us!