Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hey buddies!!!. How's your weekend going?. We still surfing good waves. The swell keep strong and is making the waves work good with low and high tide. Check it out.

This peak was awesome in the morning and in the noon. The left are working good, but this right does not go unnoticed.

There are just a few people in the water all the time, in the morning were like seven people and I see less than ten in the afternoon. But the few people in the water have barrels.

And this is how looks the waves in the afternoon. Not big, but there are long waves with clean barrels.

The lefts were good, but there are session breaking fast. Here is Chocoyo trying to pass all those session of the lips of the wave.

Here is one of the good tube in the afternoon. Check the wave, is just overhead and is not heavy.

And here it is,,,...This is how looks a perfect tube. The wave looks fast when is coming to the beach, but the right slow down when is breaking.

The wave looks short in the beginning, but was breaking more longer than we think. Here this surfer is looking the door really open.

Who let the dogs out??? Ooh!!, Ooh!! Ooh!!!!!.

And here is my favorite tube of today. Oscar charge this wave from the middle of the way and this wave was a rifle of long.

Here Oscar is working with the gravity, to be down the lip, but in the middle of the wave. He probably is going at fifty miles per hours.


Wow check the lip in this wave!!!. Oscar know he will be deep in this tube.

After to pass the first session of that tube, I can see to Oscar, but check there is another session forming in front him, so that mean, he keep deep in this tube.

Baaaaaaaa!!!! Clase Ola!!!!. My buddy Oscar have the best tube of today....

And here we almost can't see him. Here is only the nose of the board in the window. I know oscar surf skill, do I know he is going out.

Oscar was about five second inside this tube. Check the size of the wave, is small, but Oscar is coming so fast and the wave does not touch his head. So he is almost out.

Yeaaaaaauuuuuuppppp buddddyyyy!!!, you are the man today. He was like a bullet going out....

The medium size waves were longer. The big waves in the serie were short. but check it out the size and the power. We still having swell for tomorrow, so if you want one of this go out in the low tide.

Today we have a boxing show in the TV. Our best boxer Roman ( El Chocolatito ) go to try to win his four crown, so check it out. Will be fantastic.

If you want to have fun. go to Magnific Rock to watch the fifgt in a big scream and stay in the big party after the show. If not,,, stay in home and sleep. Armando Lopez is out.