Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hi and welcome to another beautiful day in Nicaragua.  Today it is one of the hottest days down here but unfortunately the wind is still ON SHORE so it is not very good for surfing.  Anyway, we decided to take a couple of photos of the bay just to show you how it looks from the top of the hill with all the boats.  It was running about chest high out here and the water is warm and starting to clear up.

The waves are not that good, so not many people were out because everybody is doing other things around town.   Here is on of the few surfers that were out today catching a couple of small but fun waves.

As we said before not many people was out surfing, but there were many people out taking advantage of the fishing conditions and they crushed the fish.  Always when we have on shore winds and the water is warm and getting clear after many days of rain we got tons of fish close to the shore.  It really paid off to go out all day long because a lot of the families in town are going to have a sweet feast tonight.

On the way back home to San Juan yesterday we spotted this new Billboard close to town.  You might remember that we posted some shots of Gorgeous George last year on his pink jet ski with his pink vest; well I guess some big companies caught wind of it and started to use him in their advertisements.  Way to go bro.


After all of the days of rain we received in the last 2 weeks everything looks green around town.  Today we took a couple of shots of the many different types of flowers that are in bloom.  These are just a few of the pictures that we got.  It is really beautiful around here this time of year.  The winds are supposed to go back off shore on Friday.  We will be back tomorrow.  Be sure to check us out.