Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 09, 2022

Hello and welcome back to another daily surf report from your friends here at SurfNSR. We got some more crazy rain last night, it's the last storms of the rainy season before things start to dry out die off and get ready for the Spring renewal, but for a couple of days all of this storm activity looks to be messing with our conditions for surf. Check it out..

It's an onshore day but the swell is in the water so there are some waves to be had if you're out there.

How about a sneaky onshore barrel..

..maybe more of a head dip than a real Colorado barrel but still that's a nice little nug of a wave for a day when the expectations are kinda low with the unfavorable conditions

How about a nice layback hack to put the exclamation point on the wave too

We have it so good all year down here as far as waves go, when the days are like this which is honestly still pretty good in relation to a lot of places we most likely will only have a few people out in the lineup

Look at all of those lonely boards sitting on the rack waiting for someone to take them for a ride

Today there was only one guy out when I got down to the beach, a few more surfers joined him and by the time I was leaving the lineup count was at 4... I imagine these waves in other parts of the world would have many more heads frothing to get in on the action

Thanks for coming and checking us out today! We will be back tomorrow with more awesome highlights and news from the hood. Thanks for coming by and hope to see you back again manana