Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hola amigos y bienvenidos to the NSR surf report! This is Parking uploading today's morning shots. They're sick so don't miss them and click "read more!"

Guess what... the swell arrived!! Caution: today's report features a ton of tubes groomed by the offshores.

Andy "El Loquito" Cortez was frothing over today's morning session before it even started!! He got a good piece of today's action.

Codo, his surf coach, taught him the best claim is a big top turn. For a 10 year old grom, he's surfing well beyond his years!

With the current direction, the rights were reeling down the line! This direction also makes them open hollow.

However, you need a quick pop up and cut or else you'll be doing the paddle of shame. Next wave is yours bro!!

Marlon Brando was surfing all morning. Besides being a hard worker and a great guy, he's one of the quickest most improved local surfers. His tube game is getting much better too...

Jesus and his friend Alejandro are visiting from Spain. He picked off the insiders and kept cracking the lip. Some of the sickest waves slipped through the line up.

Speaking of slipping through the line up... No takers on this freight train??? Turn and burn hombre!! Go!!!

On the other side of the rip, an unknown surfer found some great lefts. There are tons of spots up and down the beach to surf an untouched gem.

However, plenty of beauties rolled through the main peak! Set a high and fast line!!

As with any day filled with barrels, there were some good wipeouts. Clase wipeout!!!

News update: Andy Cortez is still ripping. Check his next photo too!

Fueled by 10% gallo pinto and 90% sour gummy worms, he nailed this off the lip. Primo, keep surfing and improving! You have many bright years of surfing ahead of you.

The current swell is long period so plenty of lines marched through. Be on the lookout for the inbetweeners! A fun peaky head high wave is still good by our standards!

Gary Strahle picked off his fair share of frontside barrels. Soon enough, Garycito, AKA The Hulk, will be getting tubed with his dad!

Here's Marlon's philosophy: work really hard and work a couple extra hours when the conditions aren't cooperating. When it's firing, take the morning off work and surf the entire time!!!

What looks prettier: the crystal blue water or the big white spray? It's a tie because he showed off a sick layback.

One more to help get you through the rest of the week... Clase derecha!!!

Ok damas and caballeros, time to go surf some more!! We hope you get a piece of this swell (or scored Hermine) or you can sneak out for the afternoon. Gracias por mirar nuestro reporte y hasta luego amigos!!!

We aren't quite yet finished with today's action!! Check out a few more shots of a northern point break!

With the current conditions, we knew it was time to load up a car and go enjoy the afternoon. Here is the legandary Maricio "Negro" Turbo styling as always.

We want to give a huge welcome back to Trin. He's been a long time NSR friend who works for Surfari Charters. What better way to be welcomed back than a swell and a tubito?!?!

At the mid tide, some tubes were reeling off the shallow section. Nachito was fulling committed and reaped the benefits.

And sometimes the shallow part wins. You gotta to pay to play at this reef!! Just watch out for shallow urchiny rocks...

Today was Armando "El Codo" Lopez's day off so I knew he'd be hunting down the swell. We get so stoked when he scores because he humbly sits behind the camera to capture the action. Yeah brooo!!!

Turbo locked into one of today's tubes. If I had all night, I would post the other 17 photos of the sequence.

Without a doubt, he's one of the best guys to hang out with and share waves. Nice wave hombre! Ok guys and gals, now it's time to sign off, rest up, and get another full day of surf tomorrow! Buenas noches!!