Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 08, 2012

Que pasa amigos?  Another small day down here in Nicaragua, but we are not complaining because we just had a sick swell, so it is time to heal our bodies and wait for the next one.  Waist high waves on the bigger sets, a little bit of side shore winds and nice water.  Check it!

The waves were small so a couple of guys decided to take their twin fins out and get some fun rides.  Check out this guy nabbing a nice right hander.

The local kids were tearing it up all over.  They never care about the size and conditions, they paddle out every day.  Lester with a cool round house.

We had a few decent lefts rolling in, as you can see.  Rex made it over this way and shred on a couple.

Did I say shredding?  He's the only one that I know that can bust a sick maneuver like this on waves like these.  Check out this litle seq, shot 1.

Tail out and getting ready to get some rotation.

Crazy move, for that kinda wave, uh!

Pulled it off or not?

Just turn your board around and you will be safe Rex.

I want to see you out there next year for the ISA Junior Surf Contest man, doing things like this and you will get long for sure.  Goob job!

Lester pushing to the limits, and improving his surfing level.  We know you can get barreled boy, but it is nice to see that you also can do some maneuvers.

You guys have a great weekend.  Please check back tomorrow!

This just in, the boys from Surf Sanctuary killed it, as you can see.  Sick Mahi for Toni Mameluco El Tuco.  Good job boys!!!

Evacuations in Nicaragua for San Cristobal volcano eruption.  A column of smoke and ash several meters high was built on the cone of the volcano, the highest in Nicaragua with 1.745 meters.