Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 08, 2005

Smaller waves today so we decided to go fishing. We hooked up a three foot "Aguja", which is basically a giant Needlefish. They are pretty fun to catch. Check it out. (Nice camera work Roberto)

You can't see what is happening right here but this prehistoric looking thing took a snap at my hand while I was stuffing him in the fishbox.

And yes, it got me. I'll take a little extra time eating my FISH TACO's tonight! Tomorrow we go surfing...

We got some more great shots from Casa Ensueno sent in from yesterday. For all of you who've been asking for more TG coverage...here you go.

Looks like we missed some fun bowls before dark...Unknown, setting up

Unknown, going deep

Another unknown...man, looks like we missed some fun ones.

Thanks Jan - please keep 'em coming! Don't forget to visit www.casa-ensueno.com if you're planning a surf trip to Nicaragua!