Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 07, 2007

Welcome to the surf report for today, we are

Today we have many good barrels. Let's start the day with this one, Mario

Here is Bobby from Cali with a nother good barrel. That's Mario watching the show time.

There were a couple of sicks air shots too. Here is Gustavo

How about

This guy watched the camera on the beach and he gave us a smile to made it on NSR. Don't worry Ryan you did it.

Here is Solon Martinez ripping it up. I don't know how, but this guy was ripping today.

Here is Mike

Mr Brown was getting shack all over the place today, as always. Here he getting a nice left hander.

How about this guy from Giant Foot getting a cool shot. That's a sweet art on your board dude.

Here is Jantana with a cool shot and still charging. Good job my friend.


All right guys, we'll catch later with the huge swell. Hopefully!!!