Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, September 05, 2011

Hi and welcome to our daily surf report.  Today we woke up super early and headed out to the beach to score some fun waves and take advantage on the winds conditions.  Check out the lineup!!!

There was still some swell out there and we had some sick waves rolling in.  We saw this one right when we arrived to this spot.

D-lite, Codo and Carita de Vanado Davila took a ride with Lucha Libre to have a good time at this spot.  This is Codo dropping in a little bit late on this sick left hander.  This one barreled pretty well but Codo could not pull into it.

Larry stayed in the inside and was ripping it up.  Check him out showing us some of his power on this closed out section.

Have you ever thought about Codo trying to get some air?  He did try today but he left the turbines at home.  Do not bite your tongue buddy!

Our very own D-lite loves this spot but he wasn’t lucky enough to score some of the sick ones we had coming in.  Here he is trying to get a little higher to get in the hot spot.

El Codo Lopez could not get any aerial today but we have to say that he was ripping as well.  He’s caught here with a cool frontside turn on this right.

The right is not the best at this spot, but today we had some fun ones to be taken.  Borrador showing us how to rip on backside!

We want to share a couple of killer shots sent in by Mike from NICA WAVES.  He snapped a couple of sick ones up north and here we have a few of them.  Still enough swell for the outer reef.

Captain Moss owned this spot today.  They were doing their thing and scored some fun ones.  Nice and clean!

The inside reef was super fun as well.  Lefts and rights were peeling all the way in.  This is Mr Miles digging his tail on this deep bottom turn.  We hope to score some sweet ones super early tomorrow so stay tuned with us.  Thanks for sending these shots in Mike, and keep up the good work at NICAWAVES.COM!!!