Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, September 04, 2021

The weekend is upon us! The new swell is just starting to arrive and peak it's little front runner head out to show us a little glimpse of what is in store over the next week or so. Beautiful morning with light offshore winds, warm water, and a bunch of frothing surfers. Welcome back to the daily surf report from our beautiful stretch of beach on the emerald coast of Nicaragua.

This was the first shot I took as I walked up to the beach and saw the grom getting shacked! Needless to say it put an ear to ear grin on my face knowing that we were just seeing the tip of the iceberg this morning.

Dropping in and making a hard bottom turn to set up for the barrel time! She kills it on the v-ball court and shreds out in the water too!

The set waves were coming through looking extra juicy but even the smaller ones that were coming through were fun as well.

The dogs were out enjoying the sunshine and scoping the waves as well.

Very similar to the face that I make when I go down and take a look at the waves too!

Very light offshore winds this morning made it real nice and glassy and that beautiful blue water nice and warm.. what a way to start the day!

Sometimes you can stand up tall in the tube.. other times you gotta get down low.. either way it's always stoke inducing when you get that vision.

As I am writing this it is just about 12pm and the nose of that board is doing it's best impression of a clock at noon.. pointed straight up!

There were a few photographers out this morning, on the sand and in the water everybody was getting the shots and footage of the start of this new swell.

Is that a mystery barrel surfer! If you recognize that wrist with the watch on it then maybe it isn't a mystery to you :)

Okay ya'll it is setting up to be a super fun weekend and week ahead. Wax up the stick and throw on some sunscreen and get out there! If you're watching from a far then tune in tomorrow as there will surely be some awesome photos to quench your wave thirsty eyes. As always we will be here to bring you sick content and welcoming you with open arms and local tips when you do decide to make the trip! Thanks for coming by and checking us out.. Until tomorrow.. Peace Love and Stoked Vibes to you and yours