Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hola amigos, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your Thursday surf report.  The new swell is starting to show up and the waves were super fun.  Solid head high waves on the bigger sets,nice offshore winds and great water.  Check it out!!!

We first checked Playa Santana out this morning, there were definitely some waves but it was kinda crowded so we bailed.  This was how it looked.

Rosita La Primorosa was commanding the lineup out there.  We have to say that she was charging and styling.  Yeeewwww!!!

We changed locations and this was the first scene we got.  Did I mention that the waves were super fun???

I've been having a great time with this crew and they all have been getting some nice waves.  Ron turning off on a solid left hander.

Paul El Peloncito was shredding hard as every day.  Chakalacatapatacaaaaa!!!

The big boss was taking plenty of fun ones today.  That board is working way better buddy!

Mr Brandon was doing his thing out there. Destroying every single wave he took.

A few locals were out and they were killing it.  Juancito attacking the lip.

And Crazy Blake was laying lots of sick turns all morning long.  Watch out buddy!

RDs was delivering some sweet little nuggets and this fella was all over the better ones.  What a beautiful wave, isn't it?

There were some sick sections to get some tubitos.  This unknown surfer managed himself to get a few.

It was nice too see a bunch of chicas taking some killer waves.  Aura with a solid ride on her frontside.  I would love to see how she does it on her backside!!!

Rippers galore, all day long.  The waves were so nice and clean.

We already have some size and the swell is still building, hoping to get some mini bombas tomorrow so stay tuned with us.  Peace!