Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, September 02, 2016

Hello my brothers. We still surfing in the morning, because the onshore wind keep coming in the afternoon. The waves are good with tubes and walls to turns. There are two peaks with lefts and rights with some overhead waves. Check it out.

Mr. John is always one of the first in the water. He was surfing the left in the north peak, this peak have tubes and some long lines. The ocean looks horrible from the beach, but is fun when you paddle out there.

The left in the south peak was short. The takeoff was fun with good size drop, but after the wave was died and there is a chance just for a turn and after was necessary get out and come back to the alienation.

No there are to many people in the line up until eight in the morning. In the line up were some boogie boarders having fun in the sponge. Check one of the most popular trick in this surf discipline.

After the drop and dodge the traffic in this wave, this man get to the high part of the wave to made his 360*. I know this trick look simple, but have a little grade of difficulty.

Before I go surf, there are just a few rippers in the water. Here is my buddy josh Springfield taking care of the business.

This surfer is taking advantage of the wave started a little soft to make a cut, before the wave pick up when hit the sandbank. He and Josh were the best surfers in the line up during this time.

The waves are made for a wind swell for one storm working in front the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, so sometimes there are this kind of waves who double up size on the beach.

There are for sure a lot of good waves working. Was fun to see all this people trying to read the waves and have falls. This one is one of my favorite wipeout.

And here is my second best fall, because check the wave of this surfer lost. Sometime you don't understand what happen, you was going straight and with control and you surfboard play false and you fell.

This surfer was trying to do a turned in every wave he take and he have couple of falls. But here is the best turn of the morning, in the end he made this powerful turn.

Ok. Mis amigos. If the wind stay offshore all day we probably still having some good waves, if not we see you tomorrow again. Armando lopez is out.